ATTRACTIVE DANUBE - Half of the first round of workshops is successfully behind us


Bosnia and Herzegovina

The first Bosnia and Herzegovina national workshop took place on 24 May 2017 at Hotel Terme, Sarajevo. Since the ATTRACTIVE DANUBE project is considered a follow-up of the ATTRACT-SEE project, a short presentation covering the project’s outcomes was made. This was followed up by presentation on Europe 2020 Strategy which represents the main source of the reconciled indicators at international level and by presentation on indicators of territorial attractiveness.

The workshop was very successful in terms of providing new indicators by involved stakeholders. Further step will be to consider all proposed territorial attractiveness indicators and their and eligibility.


The first National Workshop of the ATTRACTIVE DANUBE project held in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Czech Republic

The first Czech national workshop focused on the national attractiveness indicators organized by CENIA, Czech Environmental Information Agency took place on 8 June 2017 at the premises of the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic.

The main purpose of the workshop was to improve knowledge of the concept of territorial attractiveness indicators. In the first part of the workshop were presented different approaches to indicators based assessment in the field of environment, tourism and economy (e.g. Vulnerability indicators, local Agenda 21, Sustainability indicators of Prague, Regional Price Index). In the following breakout section of the workshop all participants were involved in drafting a set of national territorial attractiveness indicators.


The first National Workshop of the ATTRACTIVE DANUBE project held in the Czech Republic

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)