As part of our activities for setting up the Visitor Centre in the Idrija Geopark we visited some more examples of good practice. On Wednesday, June 7, we visited the Seasonal Lakes of Pivka Ecomuseum, the Expo Postojnska jama kras exhibition and the Karst Museum in Postojna. All three exhibitions showcase similar themes – the Karst, karst features and life in the Karst.  The Seasonal Lakes Ecomuseum is designed as a starting point for lake visits. It offers a great interpretation of how the karst is built, but the lakes – the 17 intermittent lakes of the Pivka River – form the centrepiece of the presentations.  A working team of different experts has set up a very interactive exhibition without any digital devices. The right opposite is the Expo Postojnska jama kras exhibition with more digital devices, different interactive approaches and innovative interpretation methods. It is a great idea to combine the visit to the Postojna Cave with the exhibition where visitors can get more information about the cave as a karst feature, the rocks in the area, and cave animals. They can learn about the history of the cave explorations and see the development of the Postojna Cave as one of the tourist highlights in Slovenia. The exhibition in the Karst Museum was co-financed by the Adriatic IPA Cross-border Co-operation Programme. It is a combination of both classic and innovative museum exhibition with interactive inputs. The curator gave us some useful recommendation about the use of digital devices and interpretation.

We ended the excursion with a work meeting.  We looked through the achieved goals and set some dates for further work.


Good practice examples from Seasonal Lakes of Pivka Ecomuseum, the Expo Postojnska jama kras exhibition and the Karst Museum in Postojna.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)