ATTRACTIVE DANUBE - The first Slovak national workshop


Technical University of Košice (TUKE) utilized the framework of the EDA 2017 Conference to present the concept of Territorial Attractiveness and to pool the requirements of local and regional policy makers and strategic planners for the indicators of national Territorial Attractiveness Monitoring Platform (TAMP). The EDA 2017 Conference „European Scientific Conference on Innovation of European Cities, Urban Planning, Strategic Planning and Synthesis with Fine Art and Culture, European Programs and Projects for Urban Development“ took place on 24 May 2017 in Košice.

ATTRACTIVE DANUBE Project exhibition stand

Representative of TUKE, Mojmír Prídavok held an interactive presentation devoted to the explanation of project idea, territorial attractiveness concept and the possibilities to measure it by relevant indicators. The conference participants were also invited to participate at the ATTRACTIVE DANUBE Project exhibition stand to co-create the content of planned monitoring platform.

The first National Workshop of the ATTRACTIVE DANUBE project held in Slovakia

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)