Finance4SocialChange - Meet our winners of F4SC Business Plan Competition


One Night Gallery & RADAR - (Romanian Artists Developing Alternative Realities) are new media art platforms that offer strong visibility for Romania’s Contemporary artists who often struggle to be recognized in the current economic landscape. Through exhibitions, use of visual arts and technologies as well as knowledge sharing, this social enterprise quickly built up a strong community of artists, investors, and visitors who recognized the quality of its art projects. Constantly innovating and creating new art projects, it was recently awarded a 7000 euro prize by UniCredit at Finance4SocialChange Business Plan Competition, for their activity in new media art and their future business pitch idea „Future jobs of Tomorrow“- an educational platform which will further contribute to job creation and skill development of artists and developers through a combination of workshops, New Media Resource library and talks.




Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)