CultPlatForm_21 - Memorandum of Understanding of project partners


On 20 April 2017 our ambitious EU funded project “Danube Culture Platform – Creative Spaces of the 21st Century” (CultPlatForm_21) which should boost cultural and touristic ties in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe has been kicked-off in Vienna. All project partners signed a “Memorandum of Understanding of project partners”. It states the pure symbolic character marking the Kick-Off of the project.

This agreement is based on the friendly relations which exist between all project partners; being aware of the fact that cooperation on the joint project contributes to a better understanding of culture and history in the Danube region. The sides welcome the cooperation in the frame of the project “Danube Culture Platform – Creative Spaces of the 21st Century” (CultPlatForm_21) based on the principles of mutual respect and partnership.

In the course of history the Danube area has experienced a chequered past resulting in a culturally and historically rich but fragmented territory. It has witnessed the doom of Empires, World Wars I and II, the Holocaust, a crime against humanity, the war in the Balkans in the 1990ies and migration, forced and volontary. At last, two antagonistic political and economic systems have contributed to territorial imbalances. Material and immaterial cultural heritage is the visible and invisible testimony of it.

The platform seeks to discover old and new stories about the visible and invisible cultural heritage in the Danube region. These are intended to encourage the development of new cultural tourism offers for an audience of the 21st century.

The intention of the project is to expand European cultural routes, to discover hidden cultural heritage and to make the invisible visible by the means of contemporary arts and technologies. All participants encourage direct cooperation and exchange of artists and experts in the field of contemporary arts, cultural heritage and cultural tourism. Concrete proposals, actions and details will be discussed between the sides.

Also all involved welcome to contribute their expert knowledge to workshops, Danube Culture Conferences and stakeholder meetings. Furthermore they will promote and communicate outputs and results of the project.

On the basis of this good cooperation the Danube Culture Platform will succeed in achieving its objectives.

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Fotos: Claudia Prieler

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)