GRENDEL - Release of the IWT Innovative Technologies Database


An IWT Innovative Technologies Database was released in the framework of GRENDEL and is accessible from the GRENDEL website and from the EIBIP Innovation Radar.

The aim of the Innovative Technological Database is to centrally collect valuable information on greening technologies. It provides both a general overview as well as - based on the provided documentation - an in-depth analysis of the existing innovation rate and its potential to be efficiently implemented in IWT.

This database is in particular built on the know-how gathered in the framework of the GRENDEL project, taking into account the developed technological factsheets and the organised Know-how transfer event, thus focussing on topics relevant for the Danube fleet. Some presentations were also collected from some other events.

The database will be regularly updated until the end of the GRENDEL project, in particular in regard of the next Know-how transfer event organised in September 2020 and of the vessel concepts developed by GRENDEL fleet operators until November 2020.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)