InnoSchool - Serious Game - behind the scenes


New technologies are defining features in the lives of younger generations and in Europe’s future, as we are rapidly  “scrolling” into the digital era! InnoSchool initiative predicts the fundamental change in the way young citizens communicate, interact, create, and learn. How?

By introducing a highly innovative web-based application – InnoSchool Serious Game. It is designed to develop entrepreneurial literacy among secondary school students and encourage a shift in the mind-set of education!

The Innoschool project is pleased to show you a sneak a peek into the first module of the Serious Game dedicated to the development of entrepreneurial skills and abilities of students. Regularly check our social media channels, like Facebook and Youtube, to discover weekly a new appealing video about each module of our educational app entitled InnoSchool Serious Game.

View the first video here:

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)