DanubeChance2.0 - Local Policy Focus Group Meetings



CCIS - 29. April 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic situation resulted in national and EU recommendations to make use of digital means to replace physical meetings and events. Therefore, the Local Policy Focus Group (LPFG) meeting CCIS organized online, via ZOOM application. Participants talked about six intervention fields for strengthening 2nd chance entrepreneurship in the Danube region. CCIS presented all 6 intervention fields which are:

  • Initiate Cultural change.
  • Include 2nd chance policies into business support policies.
  • Simplify and harmonize bankruptcy procedures
  • Install early warning systems
  • Create targeted measures for 2nd chance entrepreneurship
  • Provide an aligned EU-wide 2nd chance dashboard

Also, regarding above mentioned 6 intervention fields, CCIS prepared the first draft version of Regional Action Plan for Serbia. It was mentioned that the regulatory framework in Serbia is not stimulating for business who went bankrupt and closed their business. It is completely focused on providing support to companies that are facing business problems. During the meeting, stakeholders have discussed the SWOT analysis of the “Second-chance” entrepreneurship ecosystem in Serbia.


CFE - 18 March 2020

Center for Entrepreneurship has organized the first Local Policy Focus Group meeting with important and relevant representatives of policymakers in our region, intending to achieve the results of the project described in WP 4 to create and refine a Regional Action Plan that will serve as a base for establishing measures to aid second-chance entrepreneurs.

The meeting began in a way that the CFE welcomed all stakeholders who responded to the meeting and gave an introductory speech about the project itself and the goal the project seeks to achieve. Then the goal of the development of the regional action plan was presented to everyone at the meeting, as well as the method, ie methodology, for the preparation of the regional action plan.


IFKA - 15 April 2020

The meeting aimed to get to know the experiences of the invited experts regarding the tools which can be used in supporting entrepreneurs in crisis and establishing the framework of launching the Early Warning Mechanism in Hungary.
Two main topics of the meeting

  1. A presentation about SWOT analysis, planned activities for Action Plan
  2. How to involve enterprises in the Early Warning System? Hot to do the screening and diagnostic process?


PBN- 23. March 2020

During the meeting, the representative from the town hall of Szombathely and the managing director of PBN discussed the regional action plan connected to the WP4.
They created together with the SWOT analysis of the Regional Action plan, and also discussed the main point of the action of the RAP. They agreed that they would like to write an action that could help the entrepreneurs to re-start after the COVID-19 pandemic situation. The main aim of the action will be the following: By promoting the production and sale of local services and products and by assisting their access to the market, the sustainability of the city and the area will increase.
They also identified the organizations in the region who are involved in the development and the implementation of the action, and also identified the duration of the action.

PTP- 17 December 2019
Based on the content of discussions with some representatives of the legal and economic sector on the increasingly topical topic "Second chance", there is a need to exchange information between different stakeholders (which work in this field) with the aim of finding a "systemic solution" that will need to be defined in Slovenia on the basis of the new European Directive 2019/1023 on frameworks for preventive restructuring, debt forgiveness and disqualifications and measures to increase the efficiency of restructuring, insolvency and debt relief procedures * (published 20/06/2019, deadline for implementation7/17/2021). The new directive mentioned above formalizes the "Second chance" principle, which covers: entrepreneurs in difficulty, using early warning systems and assisting with restructuring, assisting entrepreneurs who went bankrupt in exceeding the limits for restarting an entrepreneurial activity. The Directive provides for solutions that result from the interdepartmental (co) operation of the legal, justice and economic sectors.


RARS - April 23 2020

The Local Policy Focus Group meeting gathered 13 participants. The welcome address was made by Mrs. Marica Berić, the project manager of the DanubeChance2.0 project in RARS. After that, the meeting continued with discussion. Mrs. Berić invited the participants to share their thoughts on the shared information especially on defining guidelines for the preparation and implementation of the Regional Action Plan for providing second-chance entrepreneurship in the Republic of Srpska. After the discussion, the participants of the Local Policy Focus Group meeting proposed the following conclusions:

  • All participants of the meeting supported project activities aimed at entrepreneurs in crisis and re-starters.
  • Entrepreneurs whose businesses are in crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic need to be identified.
  • It is necessary to adopt strategic measures to support entrepreneurs whose businesses are in crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The participants of the meeting agreed with the proposed interventions in the Regional action plan for providing second-chance entrepreneurship in the Republic of Srpska and they will send their proposals for amendment in the next few days.


TUCN- 28. April 2020

The first Local Policy Focus Group meeting of the Danube Chance 2.0 organized by TUCN took place in 28.04. The Local Policy Focus Group is composed of policymakers and public agencies relevant to the adoption and implementation of the Second-chance Entrepreneurship landscape in the Danube region.

Mihai Dragomir started the event, by presenting the DanubeChance2.0 project, the activities, and the objectives of the project and the results obtained so far. Also, the activities of WP 4 were presented.

The main objective of the meeting is to help develop and tailor the Regional Action Plan for Romania. The Regional Action Plan will improve the framework conditions for second chance entrepreneurs and will represent the basis of the measures that will be implemented for second chance entrepreneurs in our area.

The conclusions and the 6 areas of intervention that were presented during the Policy Learning Dialogue Workshop that took place in Cluj-Napoca between 3-4 March were also introduced. All the experts agreed that all measures can be implemented in Romania and that once implemented, they will make a change for the second chance entrepreneur.


UKS – 26. March 2020.

On 26th March 2020, the Union of Slovak Clusters organized the 1st Local Policy Focus Group Workshop (within WP4 Strategy development) together with the Workshop “How to keep entrepreneurs healthy and alive” (focused on the delivery of specific module developed within the “Trial and Error” Re-Design Academy; WP5 Blended Learning Experience). The organization of the meeting provided space for the exchange of information and experiences, for the introduction of the early warning mechanism and also for the discussion of issues and trends in the business sector.

During the meeting, there was a fruitful discussion among participants, who not only expressed their opinions on discussed topics but also provided ideas for the elaboration of the Regional Action Plan. And the participants had  a chance to discuss the results of the SWOT analysis of the second-chance entrepreneurship ecosystem

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)