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Finance Module with  Finance4SocialChange "Accelerating Investment Readiness" #AIRMOOC Program will provide information on social venture financing needs & investment options, investment readiness process, and knowledge on how to approach the investors and find a good match.

In a first step, we take on the position of individual social entrepreneurs. We introduce the most common organization types, identify their financing needs, and describe how impact investments can support the impact organization's mission.

This serves to get a better understanding of what getting to "investment readiness" means. To build a bridge to investor perspective, we analyze and discuss their requirements to help social entrepreneurs see and present negotiations with investor's work.
On the financing side, we highlight the basic options for financing. These options cover a broad spectrum that ranges from innovative crowd-funding platforms to accelerator grants and loans, to convertible loans and other mezzanine instruments, to social impact bonds, and to equity investments. We go into the specific requirements that the social component of these financial vehicles and the resulting venture-investors partnerships bring about.

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Don't forget to join our Webinar No. 3 on FINANCE ON AIR JUNE 12th at 2PM ! Our featured speaker this time is Mark Cheng, an international impact investor and advisor to Ashoka. Mark will address: How can finance enable positive social change? And how do social ventures and investors find the right fit?

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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)