Finance4SocialChange - Choosing the avenue of Impact – Case of Blyss Cacao Academy


From a Cacao producer to a system changer in the cacao production industry

Alyssa Jade McDonald-Bärtl, a third-generation farmer from Papua New Guinea turned systems changer. The problem that Lyss set out to solve with her enterprise was how to improve the livelihood and living standards of cacao farmers. She started by founding a small social enterprise in Germany, which produced and sold premium-priced socially responsible chocolate in Europe. After encountering policymakers and the big players of the chocolate industry she realized that activism and idealism were not going to achieve the structural change she wished to see. So she radically changed her approach.… Learn more about it how she changed the industry.

This video is part of the Strategy Module within Blended Learning Academy "Accelerating Investment Readiness" #AirMOOC created within the Finance4SocialChange project which you can find on our platform. The free online learning experience provides guidelines and interviews with social entrepreneurs as well as with investors. 





Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)