InnoSchool - Advisory Group in Hungary - 2nd meeting


In March 2020 the Central Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency organized the second Advisory Group meeting for Hungary. The content presented during the meeting lead to interesting and valuable discussions particularly regarding the Serious Game. Students, teachers, business representatives and other relevant stakeholders who tested the demo-version of the Serious Game made the following suggestions: to make the game a little bit more interactive and to add some short video content.


Teachers provided relevant feedback regarding the teaches interface, teachers handbook and the set of training materials for teachers' training workshop. They suggested that the classes be divided by countries, so once there are more classes it would be easier to overview all of them. They also believe that the process of adding classes and students is easy and logical.

The impact questionnaire for students and the inter-school competition where well received and important feedback was given regarding these two aspects of the Pilot. The business representatives, for example, considered the possibility of an evaluation from the perspective of sustainability of the business.

Find our more about Serious Game testing with a teenage school girl in local language here.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)