Finance4SocialChange - Roadmap for development of social impact financial markets is out!


Social economy is a key player in providing effective answers to current societal challenges in the EU and the world,  and it takes a team work to unlock its potentials.

Now, more then ever, entrepreneurs with impact on society need support in developing their businesses and achiving financial sustainability. Roadmap for social impact finance markets prepared within the project Finance4SocialChange presents recommendations and scenarios in 14 countries of the Danube region, as well as, key player's role and actions needed for development of stable social economy in the Danube Region. It is a team work and a joint effort of all stakeholders, governments, investors, financial institutions, foundations, consultants, intermediary organizations but also social enterprises who need capacity building in order to be ready for investors.  Read more about the Roadmap for social impact finance markets.  






To support SEs entrepreneurial knowledge and skills, Finance4SocialChance project  is preparing an  “AIR: Accelerating Investment Readiness” Learning course.


The course will enable delivery of practical, actionable and relevant knowledge on impact-oriented investing and finance. This hands-on learning experience will contain online and classroom education materials and mentoring in all Finance4SocialChange countries.


Furthermore, Finance4SocialChange will enable interested social enterprises to access acceleration practices delivered in all Finance4SocialChange countries . At the end of social enteprises will have access to SE acceleration practices delivered in all Finance4SocialChange countries and possiblity of participate in the Social Impact Investment Business Plan Competition which will enable more investment-ready social enterprises networking opportunities with investors as well as valuable prizes for the best ones.


Stay tuned for more information on the our online and offline courses and how can you register and participate in the course and the competition.


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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)