InnoSchool - Second InnoSchool Advisory Group Meeting in Belgrade, Serbia – Online Session



Second InnoSchool Advisory Group Meeting in Belgrade, Serbia – Online Session


Regional Agency for Development and European Integration (RADEI) Belgrade hosted an online second Advisory Group (AG) meeting on March 23, 2020.

The content presented during the meeting initiated a discussion that led to interesting and valuable insights, particularly regarding the Serious Game open tasks evaluation and proposed options for the Interschool Competition. All members suggested that peer-to-peer evaluation of open tasks in combination with scores/supporters earned by playing the game could determine territorial winners. AG members were also in favor of introducing a pitch session (of best/winning teams per school) in front of the jury in order to determine the overall territorial winner(s).


Students who tested the demo-version of the Serious Game and the Impact Questionnaire independently provided a very positive feedback. In their opinion, the game is engaging, the content is easy to follow and understand, levels are logically sequenced and the learning content provides vital information. This set-up inspires them to conduct further research online and explore available additional information. Their opinion points out that the game is very likely to instigate students’ entrepreneurial spirit and motivate them to think deeper about social problems their communities face.

Suggested Teachers’ Handbook and accompanying materials were positively received by the AG members. It has been concluded that the proposed concept was clear and understandable, providing crucial guidance for teachers with enough flexibility.

The meeting ended with an overall conclusion that the result of the InnoSchool Learning System development i.e. development of its components to this date was highly sophisticated. It demonstrated professional and practical approach that incorporated and combined well-thought processes and approved methodologies in an innovative way, resulting in an important online educational tool that would be welcomed by educational authorities.

Please find more information about this event, in local language, here. 

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)