SIMONA - SIMONA project team (HGI) soon visiting Varaždin


Announcement for the participation of the SIMONA project team at the round table in Varaždin

The HGI project team of the SIMONA project will participate at the scientific and expert meeting in Varaždin, organized by Croatian Hydrological Society in cooperation with Croatian Society for drainage and irrigation, Croatian Society for water protection, Geotechnical Faculty of the University of Zagreb and the city of Varaždin. Round table will be held at the Geotechnical Faculty in Varaždin from 7th till 8th of May 2020. At the round table, HGI-team will participate with presentation titled: Project SIMONA: Transnationally harmonized sediment sampling and laboratory protocols for HSs in DRB’s surface waters proposal. Main purpose of the presentation is to introduce participants with the SIMONA project and to present the protocols for the sampling and laboratory analysis of the drainage sediment, which are harmonized with Water Frame Directive and other relevant EU regulative documents

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)