Sava TIES - Workshop on invasive plant species held in Sarajevo


In the facilities of the Natural – Mathematic Faculty of the Sarajevo University, on February 18, 2020 was held first workshop within the project “Determining the presence and mapping of the distribution of invasive species in the protected areas of the Sarajevo Canton”. The project is implemented by the Association for Biological Research and Nature Conservation BIO.LOG in cooperation with the Cantonal Institution for Protected Areas, and is funded by the Fund for the Environmental Protection of the Federation of BiH.

The first workshop presents the project objectives and results of the first phase of fieldwork and mapping of invasive species in the protected areas of Sarajevo Canton. On this occasion, other organizations and institutions working on the problem of invasive species in BiH presented their work. The workshop highlighted the importance of invasive species problems, especially in protected areas, and the importance of adopting measures to combat them.

On this occasion, the Center for Environment presented the Sava TIES project and the experiences gained so far in the implementation of this project, which we are implementing in the Protected Habitat "Tišina", Šamac municipality. The attendees exchanged current information and experiences on this topic with the aim of establishing future cooperation as well as the possibility of creating a database. One of the conclusions of this workshop is the necessity of establishing a system for monitoring the spread and control of invasive species in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)