EcoVeloTour - Peoples opinion counts - online survey on Rákos creek


If you want to collect a lot of information from the local people, an online survey is the perfect tool to reach your target group and make them act. This was the reason behind the decision of the Budapest Zugló team to set up a questionnaire about the using habits needs and visions of the citizens in the Rákos creek area.

The quiestionnaire contains 12 short questions and inspires the responders to share their ideas and give feedback about the problems and its solutions. 

Just a few example from the google based survey:

  • What are the important natural and cultural values in the the Rákos creek valley? 
  • What kind of conditions are in your priority to spend your leisure time in the area?  
  • What kind of challenges do you see in the touristic development of the Rákos creek? 
  • What kind of benefits do you see in the development of bike route nearby the creek? 
  • What kind of risk do you see in the development? 

The survey is available HERE and it is disseminated by the municipalities interested in the development, NGOs, social media channels etc. 

The EcoVeloTour team will come back with the results as soon as the assessment is elaborated. 





Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)