What is the difference between social enterprises and enterprises? Why do we need social enterprises? Can we measure social impact? Find out more in the new video released by our partners from the University of Heidelberg! ( 2 out of 5) “Finance 4 Social Change” video for the upcoming MOOC “Accelerating Investment Readiness (AIR)” addresses social entrepreneurs, impact investors & policymakers working in the dynamic field of social investment.

Young-Jin Choi from PHINEO and Dr. Colin Dey from the University of Stirling in Scotland discuss some fundamental questions about social enterprises: - Is "Social Business" possible at all? - When could Social Enterprises lose their focus on impact? - Can NGO metrics be used to measure social enterprises? - Who builds bridges between the financial and the social sectors? We also have an international social enterprise competition coming up. So stay tuned. #F4SC #EUinterreg. 

Why do we need social enterprises?

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