Finance4SocialChange - Strong cooperation between experts within Finance4SocialChange project


Great  ideas were result of brainstorming of experts within Finance4SocialChange Tehnical Advisory Board and Policy Advisory Board who have been actively participating in the Stakeholder groups and Local Policy Focus Group in order to ensure quality inputs for Social Impact Investment Strategy for the Danube Region and Regional Action Plans.

The main goal was establishing connection between the different areas of stakeholders and exchange ideas on how to improve status of social enterprises in the Danube Region and bring closer investors and social enteprises.

Meetings of experts from relevant institutions were held in all partner countries and it was an opportunity to discuss ideas such as introducing specific labelling for social enteprises, innovative vouchers for social enteprises, regular start-up programs, pool of consultants, accelerators and fundraises in order to stimulate combined funding sources for social enteprises, strong promotion and public engagement through events held within the Region.

 In some of the partner countries, a strong accent was made on educational programs as the right path for capacity building of social enterprises so it was an oportunity to discuss content of upcomming Social Impact Investment Transnational Design Academy.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)