Sava TIES - 9th SavaParks network meeting and a visit to the source of Sava


The SavaParks members met in the Triglav National Park, Slovenia, for their 9th SavaParks network meeting. Triglav National Park is named after and surrounds the highest mountain of Slovenia, Triglav mountain (2864m). Here you can find one of the sources of the Sava River, which the participants of the SavaParks meeting had the pleasure to visit. The beautiful Savica waterfall has a drop of 78m and is fed by the Valley of Triglav Lakes, which lies in the mountains above the waterfall. It is the source of the river Sava Bohinjka, which merges with Sava Dolinka near Bled, forming the Sava River. The Triglav National Park team shared their experiences and challenges in managing the national park, while showing the participants some of its beauties like Savica waterfall and Mostnica Gorge.


Triglav National Park (Photo: I. Sucic)                                        Savica Waterfall  (Photo: I. Sucic)

The SavaParks meeting was organised at the Lake Bohinj on the 26th and 27th of November. The SavaParks members discussed river restoration potentials along the Sava, the future of the SavaParks network and the focus of their work. Furthermore, several options for a joint logo for the SavaParks network were discussed and the final choice will be presented in the beginning of 2020 together with the SavaPark website.

SavaParks Network members (Photo: Z. Sabaric)


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