ConnectGREEN - “Ecological connectivity” becomes a regular topic on national TV due to Serbian ConnectGREEN team


November 1st, 2019. Belgrade, Serbia. The TV set of Serbian National Television (RTS 2) host a team of representatives of the ConnectGREEN project who are today’s guests of the “Edu Global” show. Mrs. Marina Nenkovic-Riznic from IAUS (Institute of Architecture and Urban & Spatial Planning of Serbia) and Mr. Goran Zikic from National Park Djerdap bring the topic of “ecological connectivity” to the attention of the Serbian public, all while sharing information about the solutions proposed within the ConnectGREEN project.

The Serbian ConnectGREEN team has caught the attention of the National Television of Serbia (RTS 2) with the occasion of the project launch – the National Workshop. The interest continued, with project news being broadcasted in the “Jutarnji program” on RTS 1. Today, the third TV appearance was an even more extensive one: an invitation to the TV set for in-depth interviews with the project team who were invited to reflect on the first project year for the Documentary show “Edu global”.

Mrs. Marina Nenkovic-Riznic, the Project Manager in IAUS (Institute of Architecture and Urban & Spatial Planning of Serbia), talked about the achieved results as well as the future project implementation guidelines. Mr. Goran Zikic, on the other hand, presented the threats to ecological connectivity as they are witnessed in the field, by the National Park Djerdap team. He explained how they collect data to map the migration of large carnivores and how they use this research in order to improve connectivity.

ConnectGREEN team aimed to introduce the topic of ecological connectivity to the general public and to highlight its importance at the global and local level, as well as to point out the problems and consequences of fragmentation of landscapes and ecosystems, plus solutions to these challenges.

The “Edu global” documentary show is part of the Editorial board of the Environmental Program of the National Television of Serbia. The show covers sustainability and environmental topics, and promotes sustainable lifestyles and solutions for a resilient planet. ConnectGREEN has been featured twice on the show, which means that the theme of the project has been recognized as very important in terms of environmental protection, spatial planning and legislation.

The show filmed today is to be broadcasted later during the month of November.  



Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)