InnoSchool - 2nd Project and Steering Committee Meeting in Kosice, Slovakia


On the 17th and 18th of September in Kosice, Slovakia took place the 2nd Project and Steering Committee Meeting on behalf of InnoSchool project. The aim of this meeting was for all the project partners to discuss relevant topics according to the phase of the project: the advanced InnoSchool Learning System (ILS) concept in 2nd version, presentation of the Serious Game state of art, finalization of the ILS concept, current situation on Open calls for Pilot and other management and internal issues. An overview of the implemented activities and achieved results was presented and steps forward were discussed.

On the first day, Mojmir Pridavok and Frantisek Janke, representatives of the Technical University of Kosice, opened the meeting with the presentation of the city of Kosice, an introduction section and an overview of the agenda. Arnold Gutmayer, representative of Vienna Board of Education, presented the advanced ILS concept in 2nd version, emphasizing the need for guidance on using ILS, initial content for the training materials for teachers and the impact measurements.

In the second part of the day, representatives of the Technical University of Kosice, Frantisek Janke and Slavomir Kozar presented the Serious Game, more exactly, one social need scenario with detailed description of step-by-step game mechanics and dialogues, the visual prototype of the game, further graphics and software development work.

The day ended with an internal workshop about the social needs’ introductions to the Serious Game and brainstorming sessions to decide on the most attractive form of introductions in order to engage the students and motivate them to “play” the Serious Game.

The second day started with a presentation by Michal Stefan from DEXIC about the current state of art with Open calls and the engagement of secondary schools to pilot in each country, opened-discussion about the training workshops for teachers and upcoming timeline plan regarding the finalization of the tasks on ILS.

Further on, we continued with an internal workshop about the development of the Serious Game and on identifying different characters or avatars in the Game. The reasoning is related to enhancing the attractiveness for high school students and increasing the learning process on social entrepreneurship. Positive feedback and useful ideas where generated and are going to be included in the next stages of the Game development.

Last, but not least, Simina Miko, from CJRAE Bihor did an overview of the communication activities of the project, like kick-off events, launching the 2nd newsletter, the upcoming newsletter, social media campaign and general considerations on the 1st InnoSchool Days seminar. The meeting ended with the Steering Committee activity on financial and management issues.

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