Amazon of Europe Bike Trail - Invitation to Biking festival - Bicycle and rafting/canoe tour in Zala County, Hungary


We invite you to join us on cycling event Bicycle and rafting/canoe tour in Zala County, organized as part of International Amazon of Europe Biking Festival (August-October 2019), which will take place in Zala County on September 21st 2019 from 9:30 to 16:30.

The event cosists of two main programme elements: a cycling and a rafting/canoe tour.

A first part of the programme - a cycling tour from Lenti to Kerkaszentkirály - will begin at 10:00 in Lenti. A second part of the programme - a rafting/canoe tour on Kerka and Mura rivers between Kerkaszentkirály and Muraszemenye (Alsószemenye) settlements - will start at 13:00 in Kerkaszentkirály and last approximately 3 hours. Participants are expected to arrive back to Lenti around 16:30 in the afternoon.

Meeting point:             Cultural Centre of Lenti (8960 Lenti, Templom tér 5.)

Detailed programme:

09:30-10:00       Arrival of participants

(Meeting point: Cultural Centre of Lenti - 8960 Lenti, Templom tér 5.)

10:00-11:45      Bicycle tour from Lenti to Kerkaszentkirály

Route: Lenti – Kerkateskánd – Szécsisziget – Tormafölde – Dobri – Kerkaszentkirály

(appr. 18,5 km)

12:00-12:45      Lunch at Kerkaszentkirály

13:00-16:00      Rafting/canoe tour on Kerka and Mura rivers from Kerkaszentkirály to Muraszemenye (Alsószemenye – „Hódvár” water tourism base of Balaton Uplands National Park)

16:00-16:30      Transport of the participants back to Lenti by bus

All the needed equipment (including bicycles) for the participants will be provided by the organizer. Participation with own bicycles is possible, in this case please indicate it to us before.


In order to be able to ensure sufficient number of bicycles and canoes/rafting boats we need to know the number of participants in advance. Please confirm your participation at the event until Friday, 20th September 2019  to one of the emails listed in the contact section below. For visitors who will not confirm their participation in advance we cannot guarantee lunch and participation in the rafting/canoe programme.



Organization team of West Pannon Regional and Economic Development Non-profit Ltd.:

Máté Deák      E-mail:

Phone: +36-30-835-9184

Ádám Bolyós    E-mail:



Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)