InnoSchool invites you to read more about the entrepreneurial education and programs, regulations and other schools’ realities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as part of the project desk research on this topic.

Entrepreneurial education

In Bosnia and Herzegovina all vocational and technical schools have a subject Basic of entrepreneurship that is being taught in two school classes (1 hour and 30 minutes) per week. On the other hand, entrepreneurship is not a part of curriculum in gymnasiums and medical high schools.

Introducing a new learning system to existing curricula

In vocational and technical schools, curriculum is composed from modules which allow incorporating new technologies, learning systems and new topics. If the proposed change is above of 30%, it is requested to describe the initiative in detail and to have support of Chamber of Commerce, employers, local authorities, representatives of trade unions etc. and to deliver the proposal to the Ministry of Education and Culture of Republic of Srpska. The Ministry decides whether to approve or not the change, considering available resources (financial, human, time and infrastructure) and impact on development of students' skills and impact on local and/or regional labor market. Any modification below 30% can be made by teachers in one profession. The modification must be presented and approved by the School board.

Existing entrepreneurship programs & initiatives

The following entrepreneurial subjects exist outside the curriculum:

1. The long-lasting project "Entrepreneurial Training for Youth" aims to raise awareness among high-school graduates about the importance of entrepreneurship for developing the economy of Prijedor area. The project has been successfully implemented for twelve years in a row among secondary school students. The added value of the project implies approaching the concept of entrepreneurship at the level of elementary schools. Thus, in the past year, the project included graduate students of 9 elementary Prijedor schools. The project is implemented by Agency for Economic Development of City of Prijedor and financed from local budget.

2. Ongoing project "Become an entrepreneur" is part of greater initiative called Progetto Prijedor financed by Trentino Region and includes intervention at three levels: organization and supporting of work student cooperative, supporting young entrepreneurs in developing business ideas and start-ups, organizing practical training for students in private companies. In the first and second year of the project, a training was held in Trento and Prijedor for the teachers of primary and secondary schools on the topic Introducing cooperative practice in the education process and the first cycle of cooperative competitions in elementary and secondary schools.

3. Project "Practical training at the workplace II, region Prijedor" is financed by the Swiss government and includes education in Bar Fest School for students and professors consisting in practical training in the industry of catering and hospitality. Participants are being introduced to modern trends in bar industry and the possibility to engage in start-up businesses in on-growing tourism industry: Beer Bar concepts, hand craft brewing, wine boutiques, craft cocktail bars, coffee art, etc.

Because there is always the need for innovation, especially in the field of developing entrepreneurial competencies for high school students, we feel that the InnoSchool initiative and the online element will contribute to the better internalization of entrepreneurial skills and compliment the ongoing programs that have the same goals.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)