EcoVeloTour - Guidelines for sustainable bicycle tourism: now available


’In the following chapters of the guidelines you will find all necessary tools and recommendations to design and improve facilities and services for bicycle tourism.’ say the authors of the Guidelines for sustainable bicycle tourism, which is now available in the EcoVeloTour Library.

The guidelines provide practical help for tourism coordinators, development agencies, public authorities, local businesses and associations and guide the reader trough the most relevant topics of cycle based eco-tourism like:

• Specific needs of cyclists
• Infrastructure for cycling and resting
• Mobility services to and from your region
• Cycling specific aspects in terms of accommodations and touristic attractions
• Services pre-, on-, and post trip

The available document is a preliminary version for field testing and will be finalised based on the experiences of the local pilots and feedback from relevant external stakeholders

The guidelines is developed by the Institute for Transport Studies, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)