EcoVeloTour - Cyclist ecotourism development - Invitation to workshop and field trip


We kindly invite all interested stakeholders to the 2nd EcoVeloTour workshop on cyclist ecotourism development, that will take place in Tulcea, Romania 11-12.09.2019.

The event will give pass on the knowledge and experience created in the EcoVeloTour project.

Guest speakers from the regional share experience, while academic project partners from Vienna and Budapest share the point of the guidelines that has been elaborated to support the participating regions to develop their own ecotourism strategies, payment schemes for ecosystem services and good practice that can be applicable for regional strategy development.

The workshop includes both presentations and interactive group works. The workshop is enriched with a first hand experience during a field trip in the Danube Delta.

Look at the agenda of the event here

The language of the event is English. 

This event is free of charge, but registration is compulsory.

Register here until 5th September 12:00 

We look forward to welcome you at out event,

The Organizers

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)