RADAR - Road infrastructure safety training courses will continue in Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Serbia


After recharging our batteries during summer holidays, RADAR project will continue with deployment of Road Safety Infrastructure Training courses with road authorities, national stakeholders, decision-makers, NGO’s and every other institution having an interest in making roads safer.

Following successful and very well accepted implementation of RADAR Road Infrastructure Safety Training courses in Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, RADAR Project distinguished experts of leading organisations in the field will share knowledge to our Austrian (KfV), Czechs, Hungarian and Serbian project partners respectively. You can see dates of training courses here.

As held training courses received exceptional responses, attendance beyond every expectation and great interest in making roads safer, the training courses in Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Serbia will undoubtfully reach even greater audience, as well as RADAR project goals and hopefully inspired twice as many people to make a difference. 

Hope to see you in our next destination for the RADAR Road Infrastructure Safety Training courses!



Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)