Amazon of Europe Bike Trail - Meet the Project Partners - Municipality of Velika Polana (Slovenia)


The Municipality of Velika Polana is located in Slovenia, between the misterious Mura river, mystical wetlands, vineyard hills and the Pannonian Plain. It consists of just 3 settlements: Velika Polana, Mala Polana and Brezovica and has about 1448 residents.

Its rich mosaic of natural and cultural heritage and welcoming people are the best reason to visit and explore the area.


Velika Polana hosts the biggest population of storks in Slovenia, which is why the Euronatur Foundation awarded the Municipality with the title “European Stork Village”.

Polanski log is the largest area where black alder trees grow in all of Europe, offering a refuge for many endangered animal species and vegetation.

 In Mala Polana, by the ÄŚrnec stream, you can find one of the last river mills in Pomurje region in Slovenia - Copek mill

You can find out more about the Municipality on their official website:

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