LENA - Promotional press tour in Serbia & press conference in Sombor


Press event was organized in the occasion of Danube Soya Field Days, organised within the LENA project. More than 200 people (producers, processors, traders of soybeans from the region) participated in this event having opportunity to meet the best practises in sustainable soybean production, recommended by Danube Soya Standards. New trends in sustainable soya production and protection were pointed out by speakers from the Danube Soya, Institute of Field and vegetable crops, Agriculture extension service Sombor. Representative from Agriculture Provincial Secretariat of Vojvodina and Vukovar Srijem County, partners on LENA project also participated in the event.

The results of the LENA project were presented with focus on agriculture activities and sustainable value chains based on soya (WP5), which attracted great media attention.

Visit of Demo-fields and demonstration of best practises in sustainable soya production

After the official speech at the press conference, all media representatives were taken to the demo soya fields, as organized within the press tour. In cooperation with over twenty partners, representatives of seeds crop protection and crop nutrition companies, soya beans varieties and technologies for sustainable soya production have been tested at the field plots. Participants could see the best assortment and latest technologies in sustainable soybean production in the region and Europe, recommended by the Danube Soy Association. Danube Soya Field Days event demonstrated how to grow soya in accordance to Danube Soya quality standard and thus secure high quality of soya, protecting environment as well as enable placement of soya to local, regional and international markets. During the press tour, the importance of soybean production according to the Danube Soya quality standard for soybean placement on domestic and foreign markets was emphasized.

In addition, the established institutional cooperation between partners in this project, especially between Vukovar Srijem County and Danube Soya, was presented as foundation for future projects and activities enabling dissemination of gained knowledge and practices to other stakeholders in the Danube region and replication of these project objectives in other regions. Learning interactions between project partners Danube Soya and Vukovar Srijem County enhanced knowledge transfer and institutional transnational cooperation through joint work in transfer of know-how, practical solutions, and exchange of experience. Aim was to assure dissemination of best practices in sustainable soybean production and integration of soybeans into sustainable certified and labelled value chains of pig production, and thus add value to local production and bring transparency on market.

The press tour ended in the afternoon. The local food was served for the lunch, followed by traditional music and participants had opportunity to talk, exchange ideas and enjoy in relaxed atmosphere.

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