SIMONA - Anouncement for Sampling WG workshop of the SIMONA project Zagreb 18th-19th July, 2019


Host of the workshop: Croatian Geological Survey

The main goal of the workshop: To discuss sampling methodology for the drainage river sediment. Participants of the workshop are members of the SIMONA project consortium, with experience in sampling drainage river sediment.

Specific topics discussed: At the workshop, discussion will be held on the following topics:
Number of replicate samples per station
Sediment sampling frequency
Sediment sampling depth, methods for different types of sediments
Sediment fraction to be analyzed
Sample volume – for different analyzes
The practical aspects (sample amount, storage, etc.)
Suspended sediment – discussion
Organic matter content
China Geochemical Mapping Programme (Prof. Wensheng Yao, UNESCO International Centre on Global-scale Geochemistry (ICGG) in China) via Skype

Equipment used for sampling: trowel, spoon, grab samplers, corers

Rules for field work: The concept of the workshop includes short presentations which are followed by open discussion. Workshop is also opportunity for the participants to exchange ideas and experiences from their institutions with the purpose of forging the most acceptable and useful methodology for sampling the drainage sediment.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)