The Lead Partner of the Danube Energy+ project InnoEnergy is happy to facilitate the 2nd edition of the annual Energy Business Camp in cooperation with local energy accelerator AXEL. The Energy Business Camp will take place in Karlsruhe, Germany between 24-28 July, 2019.

AXEL- Danube Energy+ Regional Alliance meber - is the energy business accelerator located in the heart of the energy centre in the Karlsruhe Technology Region, Germany. AXEL supports early-stage energy start-ups and visionaries with pioneering energy technologies with business creation and acceleration of market-ready strategies.The Energy Business Camp brings together talented young minds to develop promising business models. Participants will bring forward their best ideas and work in teams to turn them into potential startups. All of this with the help of mentors and coaches.

The programme of the event is as follows: 

Wednesday 24 July:

Start of the event at 12:00

Meet fellow participants, expert and mentors

Pitch your innovative energy project idea

Thursday 25 July:

Working sessions: ‘Business Concept’ & ‘Business Modelling’

Networking dinner & evening programme

Friday 26 July:

Explore the Karlsruhe Energy Hub during site visits

Learn all about AXEL & InnoEnergy Master’s School

Saturday 27 July:

Working sessions: ‘The communication of your message’ & ‘Story telling’

Chill-out & network barbeque

Sunday 28 July:

Final pitch & award presentation

End of the event at 15:00

Danube Energy+ is also participating this event to present what we already achieved and use this event as platform to invite young innovators to the upcoming International Danube Energy+ Day (November 2019) and the pilot of the Danube Energy+ Tool in summer 2020.

About Energy Summer Camp:

Innoenergy Business Camp

Dabout AXEL:


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)