Amazon of Europe Bike Trail - Invitation to Celebration of 2 years since the designation of "Bačko Podunavlje" as UNESCO biosphere reserve


On 14th July, WWF Adria, Regional Institute for nature preservation and Citizens' association of Podunavje region kindly invite you to the celebration of 2nd anniversary of designation of Baško Podunavlje as a UNESCO biosphere reserve ("Dan Rezervata Biosfere „Bačko Podunavlje“ 2019). 

The second birthday of biosphere reserve Bačko Podunavlje is going to be celebrated on 14th July, as part of the Eco-Music Festival "Danube Regeneration" in Bački Monoštor.

Founded in 2008, as an idea of ​​a group of enthusiasts, this festival has built a well-known image and is synonymous with enjoying good music, a positive atmosphere and beautiful nature. By combining daily contents - workshops, stands, exhibitions, screenings and musical part of the festival in the evening, it enriches a range of educational, ecological and artistic events for children and young people.

Programme for Sunday, 14th July: 

10:00Exhibition of straw sculptures and gathering of participants (Eco-center)

11:00Presentation of the book "Biosphere Reserve" Bačko Podunavlje "- nature with people (Etno house" Mali Bodrog "Backi Monoštor)

12:00Presentation of the ideas of FON students on the topic of new businesses in the Biosphere Reserve "Bačko Podunavlje" (Etno house "Mali Bodrog" Backi Monoštor)

13:00 - Lunch at Etno house „Mali Bodrog“ Bački Monoštor

13:30 - Stroll through the biosphere reserve and visits to the bars of Semenovci, along with the Magical concert in the forest - VA "Musica Viva"

15:00 - Boat ride through Veliki Bački Kanal, departure by "Pislin" bridge at the entrance to Monoštor from the direction of Sombor

We also kindly invite you to participate in other ecological, educational and artistic activities and contents of the festival "Regeneration of Danube", starting from July 12th at 11:00.

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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)