URBforDAN - Get a quick overview on our manifold activities!


All together for the Benefit of forests and recreation seekers


In two months it has been a year since we started our Interreg project URBforDAN, and we can tell you, a lot of activity has happened in the meantime. We met all together in Ljubljana, in Zagreb, Belgrade and in Ivano-Frankivsk and got to know each other better and better, and meanwhile we grew together really tight. Just to give you a short overview, on what we have been doing in the project, have a quick look at this article. But please note, these are only arbitrarily selected examples, one per city, to give you an impression.


Ivano-Frankivsk in exemplary Teamwork


The ukrainian team was really, really active with a lot of workshops going on, and i.e. involved stakeholders of Vovchynets Hill to participate in the workshop for the development of the detailed mapping of the entire ecosystem. Including a fruitful on-site visit! Everyone enjoyed the beauty of the Vovchynets Hill and appreciated the value of the URBforDAN project and of urban forests in general.


Zagreb at EU Funds Open Doors Day


The Colleagues from Zagreb joined "EU Funds Open Doors Day", also visited by the states officials, Prime Minister Andrej Plenković, and Minister of Regional Development and EU Funds, Gabrijela Žalac. Besides project roll up and posters people got all the information on URBforDAN from employees of the Office for EU Programs and Projects of the City of Zagreb and our URBforDAN team.


Cluj-Napoca highly official in their City hall


Cluj-Napoca City Hall and Intercommunity Development Association Cluj Metropolitan Area have implemented a workshop attended by the main stakeholders of Făget Forest, as well as homeowners oft he focus area. The workshop presented the results of the questionnaires applied to the users of Făget Forest. On this occasion, the importance of urban forest management has been highlighted.


Ljubljana Joining European Forum on Urban forest


Slovenian partner Slovenia Forest Service (SFS) has presented our project at the 22nd European Forum on Urban Forestry (EFUF), which took place in Cologne, Germany. The contribution resulted in good feedback from the participants, as the project is being implemented at times when discussions about the needs of urban forests development is at high peak.


Budapest heading to infinity and beyond


In Budapest a large-scale action was held to collect illegally deposited waste on the Hármashatár Hill in Budapest -
with the discovery of a historical copy of a space shuttle. The event was organized by Budapest Horticulture Private limited Company (FŐKERT) and Hungarian Ornithological and Nature Conservation Society (MME), and it was carried out with the help of citizens as well as the hungarian URBforDAN team.


Vienna improving their Danube Island


The City of Vienna project responsibles took a step forward at a stakeholder workshop on the Danube Island near their target areas. Representatives of the cyclists, those seeking relaxation or the homeless, representatives of all those who frequent the forest areas on the Danube Island, were following the workshop. At the end of a lively discussion, there were already relatively concrete plans for the three target areas in Vienna.


Belgrade coming together in Avala forest


In Belgrade a workshop took place in the forest office at Avala forest. The workshop was attended by the owners of forest parcels, that are part of the protected areas of Avala. The owners have expressed a strong will to convey information to their acquaintances, also to owners of parcels within the protected area. The will to ensure the greatest recreational benefits in the forest with simultaneous participation of the forest owners, was welcomed.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)