Director General of the Directorate for State Roads at the Ministry of Transport and Maritime Affairs, Mirsad Ibrahimović, launched a 3-day Road Infrastructure Safety Training courses within RADAR project – Risk Assessment on Danube Area Roads in Podgorica on June 25-27, on the topic ‘Assessment of Road Infrastructure Safety in Montenegro’.

In his introductory speech, Ibrahimović spoke about the state of the road infrastructure in Montenegro, the significance of traffic safety on them, as well as on the financial investment in road infrastructure in order to make it even safer for all road users.

The main topic of the training is the assessment of the safety of road infrastructure using advanced Star Rating methods and the development of Road Safety Investments Plans (SRIP).

The training was divided into sessions:

  • risk mapping and their application in tracking performance;
  • the star rating process and the use of ViDA web tools;
  • the process of making investment plans in safer ways and collecting data about them for coding as well as the encoding process itself.

Bojan Jovanović from Faculty of Transportation in Croatia, Institute for Traffic Planning; Olivera Rozi from EuroRAP Institute for Road Safety Assessment and Nikola Galovic from the Rotunda Republic of Serbia were RADAR project distinguished speakers from the leading organisation all over Europe that lead the training courses in Montenegro.


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)