RADAR project partner Bosanskohercegovacki auto-moto klub (BIHAMK) has organised and held the RADAR Road Safety Infrastructure Training in Bosnia-Herzegovina from 17-19.june. 2019. 

The training was well received, and the attendance was high. The group of the attendees represented road authorities, national stakeholders, decision-makers, NGO’s and every other institution having an interest in making roads in Bosnia-Herzegovina safer.

The training was led by Bojan Jovanović of PP FPZ, dr. Marko Ševrović of Lead Partner – European Institution of Road Assessment EuroRAP and  Sanja Leš of PP FPZ.

The training was held in Sarajevo at Hotel Hollywood where computers for the attendees were provided for the 2nd and 3rd day so that the quality of training courses were improved with the ability of participants to encounter Star Rating, Risk Mapping and Safer Roads Investment Plans directly from ViDA webtool with the real-life exercises on Bosnia-Herzegovina's roads.

Road Infrastructure Safety training courses analysed the road safety data that highlighted the scale of the problem of road trauma in the region but also trained local experts on how to perform road surveys and perform road safety analysis in ViDA software.

The main theme of the 3-day training course was the safe road infrastructure and its added value in ensuring road safety.


More about RADAR Road Infrastructure Safety Training courses here


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)