ACCELERATOR - Final dissemination event of the project in Budapest


The Partnership held the final event of the project – which was organized by the Central-Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency –, with more than 130 participants on 28-29th May. On the first day, the parts of the program focused more on the startups' point of view. During the panel discussions, the presenters talked about different startup mistakes during the pitch and investor negotiations, what comes after an investment, how founders see mistakes and failures, and the participants got to know a story of a successful exit of a Hungarian startup, BalaBit. The program of the second day took two sessions. The morning session gave the floor to the Accelerator project with a roundtable of startups and mentors from Accelerator pilots, the perspective of policymakers and strategic stakeholders on future funding opportunities and a presentation of a joint strategy and joint recommendations. The afternoon session – which was also the Hungarian Business Angel Network Association Angel Investment Day 2019 – began the keynote presentation of Mr Peter Cowley, president of the European Business Angel Network, which was followed by chat with Mr Péter Balogh, than a panel discussion involving representatives from Germany, the country with the largest European market from a startup business development point of view. At the end of the event, within the frame of HUNBAN pitch night 5 startups pitched for the participants: Sineko from Hungary/Austria (AI supported, structured, radiology and teleradiology reporting), The Photon from Hungary (Online platform to connect businesses with professional photographers and videographers), Regnos from Czech Republic (Digital Twin of an organisation: Provides solution for large companies in process improvements, automation), Chameleon from Hungary (Provides brand-independent wired solutions for building smart homes), and Morpho Pix from Hungary (Aims to give solution for industrial usage of Virtual Reality)

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)