LENA - Promotional Press tour in Bulgaria with press-conferences in Belene and Ivanovo


June 5th, 2019

The press tour started with a visit to Belene Municipality.  8 journalists from local and natinal media attended the event. There were also a representative from a Romanian municiplaity (Corabia, near Danube river), actively involved in local development.

Welcome speeches and official opening of e-bakes

Official presentation of the e-bikes and e-station:

The ceremony was opened by the mayor of the municipality, Mr. Dulev, who welcomed the local citizens, the journalists and the participants in the bike - tour which was organized for this special occasion. The Lena coordinator on behalf of WWF – Bulgaria presented the project, it’s main activities and its achievements. The local coordinator of Lena project in Belene focused on the specific results – the e-bikes, the mobile fridge, the bike-tours and the activities with the fishermen.  Mister Dieter Schaab from Tutlingen was also officially welcomed at the ceremony, being representative of one of the project partners (Tutlingen Municipality) responsible for part of the activities on WP 4.


Bike tour to Kaikusha, Persina Natural Park (following one of the bike-routes identified with LENA project)

More than 50 people took part in the 12 – kilometre route. There were people from age 3 to age 80. The three e-bakes were also used for the tour. All cyclist received a flag and a hat with the project identity. The tour finished at the beginning of Kaikusha and here, the participants had the chance to listen to a lecture dedicated to the biodiversity in the Park. The lecture had been given by one of the Danube Guides trained within the project.

Bike tour to Kaikusha


Visit to Belene Island

After the biketour, the journalists, together with the Belene project team visited another potential bike – route – on Belene Island where the well-known prison is situated. Despite of the dark history of the prison, the area (inside Persina park) is famous for its rich biodiversity and unique species. Besides, it is very well-preserved and taken care of. The only limitation for the tourist visits could be the necessary permits. Otherwise it could turn to a perfect place for nature lovers and bird watchers. The tour was guided by the mayor of Belene himself and there were lots of interest and questions from the journalists attending the tour.

Persina Natural Park


Press Conference

A final press-conference was given at the end of the day (it was planned at noon time but due to the prolongation of the bike tour, it was postponed). The media representatives were acquainted with the project results – in general, and for Belene in particular. Lots of questions were addressed as well as future ideas for development.  All the attendees stated how important is to keep on investing in the smaller municipalities along Danube and working to motivate the local communities.


June 6th, 2019

Visit to Ivanovo

Press Conference

The local press-conference, held on 6th June, was combined with a final conference on LENA. Besides the journalists attending the promotional press tour (representing national media), there were also representatives of Ivanovo, Russe and Pleven and even Corabia (Romania). Lots of information concerning project results was provided by Diana Andreeva (WWF – Bulgaria), Lora Jibreel (expert), Galina Ilarionova (project manager from Ivanovo). Dieter Schaaf described the results in Tuttlingen as well as in the other countries engaged with e-bikes and e-mobility. Special attention was given to the opportunities for the municipality connected to wild – plants. PP2 – Ivanovo has elaborated an investment project for establishing Wild Plants Purchasing Point which will help the local community invest their herbs.

The visit continued with a tour to the Ivanovo Rock Churches, which are also part of the identified bike – routes. The attendees had the chance to see the beautiful and clean nature, the unique historical landmarks and the biodiversity there.

Participants in the press-conference


It turned out that there is a high interest to projects and initiatives dedicated to sustainable development, nature-based business and biking – tourism. Especially when the project is connected to poor regions where there is a pressing need for working places and additional jobs for the local population. However, many of the activities started with this project need more time to be developed and this could be possible with a follow-up LENA project, which is already submitted and is waiting for confirmation. If this happens, the project members could continue their work in the region for improvement of the social climate strongly bonded to the nature value.

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