InnoHPC - Final Event


Today, on 24.06.2019, the final Event of InnoHPC is taking place in Timisoara, at the West University of Timisoara. There are over 40 attending partners, stakeholders and interested actors. 

After the introduction of the host University from Viorel Negru and Dana Petcu, the discussion continued to the presentation of HPC  particularities and infrastructure in Romania.   

The Introduction of the event was concluded by congratulations on the work done and a brief mentioning of the "Go with the Flow" book, an artefact of the involved effort. It continued with the presentation of the PRACE initiative, and the InnoHPC Laboratory

Further, the HPC Memorandum of Understanding was signed, the document signifying the continuity of collaboration of the InnoHPC Partners, regardless of the official ending of the project. A voluntary decision that is intended to continue promoting and enhancing the use of HPC for innovation and development.  

After the signing ceremony, that took place at the event, there were presented success stories of SME and HPC collaboration from the Czech Republic, Romania and Slovenia. The cases of Automotive and Electronic Industries' SMEs that were using HPC for their business and had fruitful results. A debate emerged, about what and how HPC research centres and academia providers can do more for the industry and how can the gap between the interest and motivation to use HPC can be addressed.

Nearing the end of the Final InnoHPC Event, there was a Press Conference for the University TV, presenting the results of the projects and the collaboration among partners.

The Concluding topics included deliberations on the capitalization of HPC usage for SMEs and the Strategy for the Danube Region for future implementation. 

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)