ACCELERATOR - The Serbian Pilot


Development agency of Serbia is probably the first institution in Serbia that implemented acceleration program. The focus of the pilot was on the IT and creative industries. By having in mind that a pilot project was not feasible to include whole area of the country in implementation process, it focused on one region-Vojvodina, the northern part of Serbia, which already has built a good ICT infrastructure. Pilot comprised a lot of activities and various opportunities for the participating start-ups: meet ups, high quality trainings and mentorship, Hell weeks, Startup Weekend, Growth Hackathon, demo days and pitching events. Some well-developed companies, former members of start-up community, recognised the effort and meaning of this process, and allocated money for the best participating teams, and by that contributed to success of the pilot. Development agency of Serbia believes that accomplished acceleration pilot sets the good example of a great way to help start-up scene, and it will serve as a good model for other organisations with the intentions to boost domestic economy.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)