REFOCuS - Workshop for forest tree health experts


REFOCuS organises a two-day workshop for forest tree health experts on 17th and 18th of June in Murska Sobota (Slovenia) in Hotel Diana. The goal for the first day is to present information system DanubeForestHealth as well as to present in the field how it works. On the second day experts will learn about EICAT (Environmental Impact Classification of Alien Taxa) methodology and have some practical exercises in the field. 


The programme of the workshop:

17/6 DanubeForestHealth Workshop

 9:30     Arrival, coffee and refreshments

10:00    General presentation of the project Refocus (Marjana Westergen)

10:35    Technical presentation information system DanubeForestHealth (Nikica Ogris)

11:20    How to continue with the information system DanubeForestHealth in the future (Presentation/Discussion, Maarten de                   Groot)

12:20    Lunch break

13:30    Departure field trip

  • Presentation in the field if the information system (Nikica Ogris)
  • Presentation demonstrating his protocol to the forest health experts (Markus Sallmanshofer).


18/6 EICAT Workshop

  9:00    Presentation: Introduction to the general concepts of EICAT (Sven Bacher)

  9:30    Exercise 1 (2 groups): Classification of quotations individually and in groups

10.30    Coffee break

11:00    Exercise 1 (continued)

11:30    Presentation: Classification of alien species and establishing prioritization lists

11:45    Presentation: Relevant information sources and types for EICAT/SEICAT assessments

12:00    Exercise 2: Classification of relevant and non-relevant information sources and types

12:30    Lunch break

13:00    EICAT recording template; Exercise 3: Filling in own paper(s)

13:40    (Un-)Certainty in EICAT

14:00    Exercise 4: Classifying uncertainty in EICAT

14:30    Coffee break

15:00    Presentation: Classifying socio-economic impacts (SEICAT)

15:30    General Discussion & next steps

16:00    End & departure

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)