ENERGY BARGE - Agreement on the development of biomass-based energy production


A strategic cooperation agreement has been signed for a long-term development of biomass-based energy production between the Hungarian ENERGY BARGE project partner National Agricultural Research and Innovation Center (NARIC), the Hungarian Electrical Works Private Limited Company (MVM), the National Public Utilities Co. Ltd. (NKM), the National Association of Hungarian Farmers’ Circles and Farmers Cooperatives (MAGOSZ ) and the Hungarian Chamber of Agriculture (NAK).

The cooperation aims to develop biomass-based energy production methods that can ensure sustainable and decentralised energy production in the long term along with the National Energy Strategy. Biomass-based power generation solutions enable the establishment of technology and logistics systems. Furthermore, local environmental conditions can be taken into account more effectively.

Under the agreement, besides developing new opportunities, the modernisation and integration of existing supply chains are especially important to the parties. The contract provides a framework for cooperation in energy and other research and development projects related to agriculture: sharing of knowledge and information, joint thinking in energy service as well as initiating joint research projects.

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)