CityWalk - Walking along the city streets of Kamnik with prof. Jan Gehl


Within the framework of the CityWalk project, the Development Center of the Heart of Slovenia, in cooperation with the Municipality of Kamnik and Štajn Arhitekti, hosted prof. Jan Gehl, an internationally renowned urban mobility expert.

Prof. Jan Gehl is a Danish architect and urban planning consultant based in Copenhagen, whose career focused on improving the quality of urban life by redirecting the design of the city for pedestrians and cyclists. He is one of today's most influential thinkers in modern urban design. At the time of prof. Gehl’s visit, a local strategy of walking was being prepared In Kamnik, marking it as a first document of a kind in the Municipality of Kamnik. Prof. Gehl’s visit added more value to the document.

The famous architect walked along the city streets of Kamnik accompanied by a group of stakeholders. During his walk, he presented his observations and talked with interested parties about the urban planning of Kamnik and how it relates to the quality of life of people. Prof. Gehl pointed out that city planning has a major impact on people's lives. "People are shaping cities, and then cities shape us." That is precisely why cities need to be designed to stimulate movement. He believes that cities, regardless of culture, are a place for human encounters, and their design must, therefore, be primarily to allow such opportunities. Cities should increase the diversity of social exchanges while at the same time reducing travel needs, allowing people to enjoy life in public spaces and creating opportunities for people to meet by chance and deliberately. Walking from the Main square via historic Šutna street, the positive characteristic of Kamnik's urban planning was highlighted by the fact that Šutna street is closed for motorized transport, and especially large green areas around the city and in the city centre itself.

In the evening prof. Gehl visited the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana, where he spoke on the most important aspects of the philosophy of urban design. The lecture was well attended by students, professors and other experts in the field of architecture, urban planning and representatives of non-governmental organizations involved in urban development.

Prof. Jan Gehl in Kamnik

Walk through the city streets of Kamnik with stakeholders

Discussion on the urban planning of Kamnik

Walk through the city streets of Kamnik

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)