D-STIR - Science management training in Szeged


As part of the D-STIR project, ELI-ALPS implemented a STIR (socio-technical integration research) action when during the organised science management training scientific researchers (technical part) were provided with management-related knowledge (socio part). In frames of the half day long training the participants got to know the basic concept of project management, the success criterions, the trade off matrix, project charter dimensions and they could improve their skills in relation with this topic thanks to the interactive character of the training.  

It needs to be highlighted that this action also contributed to the change of mindset of young researchers in ELI-ALPS, who gained valuable knowledge in terms of managements skills from which they can benefit from in their everyday work. 

The feedback of the participating researchers is of high importance during the finalisation of the training material. Moreover, based on the evaluation of the participants, we can state that it was a very successful training. The scientific researchers gave an average score of 4.8 (on a scale between 1-5) when answering the question how much they liked the event. Not to mention that they would be open to continue the training, if possible.

Highlights in photos:

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)