DRIM - Danube Compass and DRIM final conference on Croatian National TV


On the 7th of May 2019 DRIM's final conference took place in Zagreb at Mimara Museum. Organized by Croatian Center for Peace Studies it attracted especially practitioners from the field of integration in Croatia as well as abroad. At the same time, it got a lot of media attention, among which is also a 10 min presentation of Danube Compass information platform by Croatian partner's representative Sara Kakuš on the prime time news section of the main national television channel HRT. The show gave Sara a great opportunity to explain in detail what Danube Compass is, for who is intended and how it can support users in their everyday lives. 

If you happen to speak Croatian, please see the show here: https://vijesti.hrt.hr/511366/dunavski-kompas-platforma-za-laksu-integraciju-migranata

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)