NETWORLD - WW1 Database Testing in Hungary


23 enthusiastic secondary school students of Veszprém had a joyful day with their teacher of history while testing  the  accessibility and relevance of with their ICT tools, mostly mobile phones. They have visited two sites:  the Gate of Heroes and the WW1 monument on the Vörösmarty square in Veszprém (Hungary).

The overall judgment:  good to have the website, there are many useful information and these can help to advertise the sites on the Walk of Peace route, but there is still lot to do to make the application more convenient.

Dear Girls and Boys, thank you for your useful comments and we hope to see you and your friends again on the route of WoP.


Interested? You can be a testers too, use of the following QR code:





Author: Ágnes Török

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)