CityWalk - Successful action "Bike through the City" in Valjevo


April and May are the months in which the City of Valjevo organizes public events for the promotion of urban mobility of citizens in the framework of the international project City Walk. On Saturday, April 20th 2019, a successful promotional campaign "Bike through the City" was held. Roughly a hundred participants from different age groups gathered at the event. Members of Valjevo cycling clubs and informal cycling associations were joined in the action by recreational cyclists, lovers of cycling and families with children. This is an indicator that citizens support the need for healthy lifestyles, greater opportunities for riding a bike and reducing pollution by exhaust gases of cars.

The gathering is symbolically organized in front of the Church of the Resurrection of the Lord, from where the cyclists started their ''bike through the city'' journey along the pedestrian-biking trail next to the "Krušik" stadium to the Veterinary Station, then across the roundabout and by the Gradac River to the "River Bar" cafe. The traffic police secured a departure from the plateau in front of the new temple and along the trail along the Gradac River. The goal was to organize socializing, with refreshment and a prize game, in which twenty awards such as back and front lights, blinkers and flashlights, water bottles, bicycle gloves and helmets were given to the luckiest participants.

Recipients of the awards

Coordinator of the City Walk project for the City of Valjevo Nenad Branković said: "The aim of the campaign is to promote sustainable urban mobility, cycling and cycling culture in Valjevo, healthy lifestyles and reducing exhaust emissions. Our aim is also to make people who like cycling meet and socialize because the research we did in the previous period has shown that a large number of citizens use bicycles, either as a means of transport or as a form of recreation. "

Most participants gathered the Boba Milovanovic Cycling Club, as many as 30, together with them were members of the Vila Gala Club. Club president Zoran Vukosavljevic has advocated for the realization of the bicycle route with double tapes to Uzun Mirkova, from there next to the building of the Police Station to the quay of Kolubara and further to the Pecina Park. Aleksandar Tomić, on behalf of the informal youth association "Team", says that everyone can help with a bike ride on a health plan, which, among other things, can prevent the growing obesity among young people.

The central promotional event in Valjevo, with the largest number of participants, will be held in the middle of May in the city centre. The activities will include bikers, mountaineers, athletes, marathoners, representatives of sports clubs and well-known activists of active life.

Ride through the City of Valjevo

Organizers of the ''Ride through the City'' action

Recipients of the awards


Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)