NETWORLD - Austrian World War One Sites Testing Event


The Austrian NETWORLD project partners die Berater and Danube University Krems organised a stakeholder event that took place on April 25, 2019 in the village Purgstall (Lower Austria) in order to test the NETWORLD App and Database linked to World War One Sites. The event was organised in cooperation with the association Erlauftaler Bildungskreis , which is in charge of a World War One exhibition and a local Walk of Peace along the remains of a former war prisoner camp.

Guided by Franz Wiesenhofer, Holger Bienzle and Julia Walleczek-Fritz, together with different regional and local stakeholders from Vienna, Lower Austria and Upper Austria first walked along the Walk of Peace / Weg des Friedens in the Erlauf Valley. This route was arranged by Franz Wiesenhofer twenty years ago to raise awareness of the history of POW camps in the Valley that had been built during the First World War by Austro-Hungarian military authorities. The camps accommodated more than 80.000 prisoners during the war. At the still existing POW camp cemetery Purgstall all participants tested the NETWORLD App and Database. 

Following the walk, the stakeholders met at the Feuerwehrmuseum Purgstall museum to discuss how the transnational tourism label Walk of Peace, the NETWORLD database and mobile app, as well as the national NETWORLD brochure may help in increasing the visibility of the First World War heritage in the region. 




Holger Bienzle
(die Berater)
Julia Walleczek-Fritz
(Danube University Krems)

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)