LENA - Upcoming: Gastro show devoted to black Slavonian pigs in Croatia


In May, Vukovar Srijem County prepares a real gourmet spectacle! To be more precise on 10th of May in the municipality of Drenovci is held the first, and we certainly hope not the only "Fajferica gastro show". Yes, you read well, this is a one-day event devoted to Black Slavonian pigs (who are called fajferica) where various products will be presented and where top cooks will prepare special meals in which the main ingredient is meat of Black Slavonian pigs.

This event is especially interesting to us because Vukovar Srijem County is one of the partners of the LENA project and on this event, results of the LENA project will be presented. The pilot area of Vukovar Srijem County was devoted to the promotion of this indigenous breed of pigs from this area and there is no better place to present all the project results than here.

Besides black Slavonian pigs, visitors will be able to enjoy black beers, black wine, black chocolate and black coffee, and unique black dog from this area called "hrvatski ovĨar (Croatian Shepherd Dog)", as well as black horses will be presented.

What we want to especially emphasize is that project partners from Serbia Danube Soy will also participate in this event and they will present themselves to present people and present their work. This only shows the strong impact that this kind of projects has on connecting partners and strengthening transnational cooperation.

For the purposes of the event, a web site was also released: https://www.fajferica-gastroshow.hr/ (Unfortunately, there is only a version in Croatian, but if you are particularly interested and have any question, please contact the project manager of Vukovar Srijem County, Ivan Domac in e-mail: ivan.domac@vusz.hr)

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