DanubeChance2.0 - Train the Trainer event in Vienna and Bratislava


The Train the Trainer event was organized in Vienna and Bratislava in 16th and 17th of April 2019.

Structure and content of the workshop

To foster interactive engagement at the workshop, an interactive workshop format was designed that followed the ‘Thematic Café’ approach. This means that the workshop was more or less structured into three parts:

First, five selected project partner presented one good practice example of policies or other instruments and programmes in place supporting and/or including second-chance entrepreneurs. Each presentation took 10 minutes, after the presentations a quick question and answer round took place.

Second, each of the presenters got his/her own table and the other participants of the workshop (project partners and invited experts) branched out according to their interests. At the tables the discussion was steered by designated moderators who also took notes of the discussion on a poster. The discussion on the table followed 5 dimensions:

Is the presented GP financially sustainable in the long-run?
Is the established GP resilient to unforseen (e.g. political) changes?)

Can the GP be rolled out on a bigger scale?
Could the GP be easily adapted to meet higher demand?

Could the GP easily be transferred to other political/legal contexts e.g. in the Danube region?

Impact for target groups
What where the impacts on the defined target groups of the GP?
Was there unexpected negative/positive impact?

Relevance for target groups
Is the GP adapted to the needs of the target group?
How can second-chance entrepreneurs profit from this GP?

Third, after the thematic café sessions the moderators presented the results of the discussion in a reporting session. After this reporting session the floor was opened for a general plenary discussion. Finally, the participants ranked the GPs in order to determine which GPs are the most promising ones to be studied closer and to be elaborated to case studies.

In Vienna, the following partners presented a GP case:  Germany, Croatia, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Austria.

The 2nd day of the Train the Trainers event held in Bratislava and the presentation of Good Practices from partner countries were structured as follows: Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia Slovakia, Moldova. 




Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)