MRA and SGZ hosted a set of events under WOMEN IN BUSINESS project in the period 09th - 10th of April 2019 - Dissemination event, 4th Transnational Learning Event, 1st Thematic Task Group Meeting, 2nd Transnational Stakeholder Meeting, and SCOM Meeting in Maribor, Slovenia.

The Dissemination event started with welcome speach of the hosts: Mr. Mihael Leskovar, Director, Maribor Development Agency and Ms Aleksandra Podgornik, Director, Chamber of Commerce of Štajerska, and special greetings from Ms Marlen Skarlovnik, Ministry of Economic Development and Technology.

More than 40 participants were informed by Ms. Ralitsa Zhekova, Project Manager, RAPIV about the WOMEN IN BUSINESS project. Dr Amna Poto─Źnik, MRA made an overview of the  Transnational study of women in business.


The 1st Thematic Task Group Meeting was held also on 9th April 2019 where the feedback for the new training models development was provided. It was conducted as a workshop, where the participants were working in 3 separate groups on the following segments of the training model:

  • Methodology for training models development,
  • Designing of training models,
  • Managing and evaluation of training activities


The members of the Advisory Board validated the Transnational Study of Current State of Young Women Entrepreneurship  during the 2nd Transnational Stakeholders Meeting.

In the late afternoon, project partners visited Women, (Be)coming, exhibitions of art works that emerged from the Wom@rts project's artistic residencies and local artist.  It was interesting to learn more about the gender gap in art and what kind of support receive the local artists.


The Transnational Learning Event continued on the second day (10th April 2019) when were presented 5 Austrian and 5 Slovenian good practices for women entrepreneurship support.


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Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)