NETWORLD - Capitalization Activities in Bulgaria


Regional Museum of History (RIM) - Dobrich organized a series of capitalization activities under the NETWORLD project in March 2019.  Together with the mAPP my Europe project, related to the elaboration of cultural routes in several directions, RIM – Dobrich initiated interactive training activities in the period 18 - 21 March, intended to young people. The training includes presentation of the historical and the natural heritage of the Dobrudzha region, the heritage of the First World War, and the cultural heritage associated with the water sources in Dobrudzha from the National Revival period.

Moderators of trainings were experts from RIM – Dobrich and language school “Geo Milev” in Dobrich, and from the Ministry of Defense - Sofia, who presented to the wide audience interesting and unknown facts about places and events in Northeastern Bulgaria.

The training’s target groups include students between 12 and 19 years of age, lecturers, journalists and museum specialists. During the visits to the museum and the Military Cemetery, a NETWORLD project was presented. Promotional materials for the monuments and memorial sites from the First World War were distributed as well.

The aim of the training meetings under  the NETWORLD and mAPP my Europe projects is that young people, knowing local and regional culture, to be interested in others' cultural heritage, build a proper attitude to this heritage and preserve it as a sustainable value.




Author: Ivelina Romanova

Programme co-funded by European Union funds (ERDF, IPA, ENI)